Ceramic Course by Ceramic Studio 1300, 2019

In July 2019, Aqtushetii hosted a 12day ceramic course led by ceramicists Irina Jibuti, Irakli Khantadze and Ceramic Studio 1300 members. The course combined the series of theoretical and practical lessons, as well as masterclasses, lectures and presentations.
- Within the theoretical lessons, participants  learnt about the history of ceramics, as well as the technological bases (clay mining, clay processing, and working with the material).
- The major part of the workshop focused on the wheel throwing with traditional Georgian methods; as well as finding raw materials, dye-making and dyeing. The artworks made by the participants wasfired in the wooden Kiln, as well as by using traditional Japanese method of Raku firing.
- Within the theoretical lessons, the ceramicist Irina Jibuti read the series of lectures about the traditional and contemporary history of ceramics, as well as conduct a masterclass on ceramic materials and firing technologies.
- Each student was  given an opportunity to make artworks, the part of which was shown at the AqTushetii Full Moon Festival exhibition. 


Crossing into the Electric Magnetic Vol. 2, 2019

Crossing into the Electric Magnetic is an on-going project that takes place every year. the vol. 2 was an intensive week-long workshop in experimental electronic music production and practice. Combining theoretical, technical, conceptual, hands-on, and unorthodox exercises and methods, mentors Tornike Gvelesiani, Tornike Karchkha, Sandro Chinchaladze (TeTe Noise) and Scott McCulloch guided the week with a comprehensive module for sound makers and enthusiasts at any stage, working in both digital and analogue formats. The workshop explored sound recording theory, MAX programming, field recording, mixing & mastering, various audio devices, and tape collage [tape loop cutting / reel-to-reel manipulation / musique concrete]. Each participant was encouraged to  make a sound diary of their Deep Listening retreats to various places in the unique soundscapes of Tusheti. In the final session, participants were required to present a finished or unfinished composition that explores the approaches and techniques investigated throughout the week. This culminated in a collaborative release (either cassette, CDR or digital) of the sounds made on site.

Workshop is free for resident artists already staying at AqTushetii, and for visitors staying in Omalo who fund their own transport, accommodation and catering. 


Black and white photography workshop, 2019

In collaboration with Fotografia, AqTushetii residency held a workshop for  the black and white film development and photo printing from August 2 – August 11. The workshop was  led by Ryan McCarrel and Gela Shelakadze
The photos developed and printed in our darkroom (was exhibited at the AqTushetii festival in September. 


Tushetian Rug Weaving Workshop, 2019

AqTushetii residency offered a unique two-week workshop to learn the ancient craft of Tushetian rug weaving! The workshop took place in July.  The course was conducted by local specialists, combining both practical and theoretical lessons. 

Throughout the lessons the participants were introduced to the history of Tushetian rugs and learnt the specific knitting tools and methods of the craft, such as wool processing, knitting and dyeing. The teachers and students also went on excursions to find raw materials (tussilago, oregano, daisy, etc.) which were later used for dyeing the wool of their designs.


Crossing into The Electric Magnetic vol. 1, 2018


Conducted by experimental musicians Sandro Chinchaladze (Tete Noise) and Scott McCulloch, Crossing into the Electric Magnetic is a 6 day intensive workshop combining lectures, field trips and hands-on exercises. Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening theory provides a foundational guide to introduce a select handful of methods for experimental music composition. The workshop includedlistening retreats and field recording excursions to various places in the unique and-/soundscapes of Tusheti. This was complemented by masterclasses in cassette and reel-to-reel manipulation: tape-loop cutting, collage, and musique concrete. In the final session each participant was required to present a composition that explores the approaches investigated throughout the week. This lead to a collaborative release (either cassette, CDR or digital) of the sounds made on site.


DocTusheti, 2018

This project aimed at exploring the opportunity to create work with the bare minimum: a camera, a sound recorder and the landscape. Participants engaged in an intensive one-day educational introduction with filmmakers and sound artists, and spent three days in the field. Afterwards, they met again to edit their work, and finally had the opportunity to present it at a screening at the end of the workshop and the festival.


Caucasus All Frequency Festival, CAFF, 2018

Mountains of Tongues, in partnership with the AqTushetii and Tbilisi State University, hosted a ten-day workshop and concert series featuring exciting collaborations and knowledge exchange between musicians performing regional music from the Caucasus and experimental musicians from all over the world. 

CAFF brought together two special groups:
A diverse group of traditional musicians and ensembles from all over the region representing their unique musical voice through performances and masterclasses . Ten local and international musicians specializing in experimental, electronic, and modern classical music, who studied with the traditional performers, gave their own concerts, and conducted workshops.

The primary goal of the Caucasus All Frequency Fest was to illustrate the ways in which local music from the Caucasus region can be preserved and popularized through an engagement between traditional and experimental musicians. We believe CAFF is the perfect environment for this diverse group of musicians to express themselves, educate each other, and raise awareness of their own unique musical voices. CAFF will serve to both support traditional musicians and to inspire a new generation of creative ones.

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