After Mountain


Aqtushetii Residency, together with Tbilisi-based Magnolia Film Lab is hosting yet another workshop in Omalo, Tusheti. The workshop is a 10-day course in everything film-related, the know-hows of a camera, darkroom processing, and printing. The team of Magnolia invites you to Aqtushetii Residency this August, from the 5th to the 15th to work together in both the nature and our re-arranged and advanced darkroom with all of you.


The workshop that goes by the name After Mountain will consist of both theoretical and practical lessons, but not only. The workshop will be great for beginners as it aims to explain the basics of a camera and its mechanism, the settings of the right exposure or what it means/how it works in general; the process behind the closed curtains – the chemistry and the modern technology and methods of film processing; And last but not least – arguably the most significant and exciting part of the whole thing – printing in the darkroom using THE red light. 


To professional photographers who already know their way around all of the mentioned above, we offer the wonder and vastness that is Tusheti – its people, villagers, forests, valleys, rivers and the mountains. Experienced photographers will also be provided with the space to not only work in the darkroom, but also chanced to share their work and experience with amateurs of the workshop, as well as with the encouragement to collaborate. We hope to have a kind of a presentation/installation at the end of the workshop to showcase prints or any work made during these 10 days. We also think to give people tasks or themes to work around. We as well plan to walk about, hike, explore, shoot as many photos as possible, watch movies, dine together, make friends and enjoy ourselves, so join!! Magnolia Film Lab crew greets you to Aqtushetii which you’ll later find is not only about photography, but so much more..



The workshop includes/offers:



* Introduction (to each other, to cameras, the basics/mains of film photography, exposure, light, framing etc.)

* Group and individual lessons

* Shootings / Exploration / Hikes, Excurtions

* The know-hows of the chemistry behind the film processing. Film Developing;

And finally,

Printing with the LPL 670 Enlarger using the photo paper and chemicals.

* (Optional) Alternative printing such as with the emulsion on fabric, different surfaces and whatnot.


We will work after the breakfast and before dinner. In the hours between the lessons, we are all free in exploring, getting inspired and just enjoying the surroundings.


The total cost of the workshop is 550 Euros and includes:


Transport Tbilisi-Omalo-Tbilisi, 10-day accommodation & catering; a few film rolls, chemicals for developing and printing, photo paper.



To sign up, send us a brief letter and a link to your photos/portfolio/website to the following address: 



We are really looking forward!

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