The Beauty of Fire and Earth


An intensive practical and theoretical course into the journey of the world of ceramics.


The 2-week-long workshop ‘The Beauty of Fire and Earth’, to be conducted in the Aqtushetii Residency in Omalo, Tusheti, from August 9 to August 22 will consist of three working segments.


Week 1 will be dedicated to forming the shapes by hand, as well as using the throwing wheel techniques. As the material, workshop participants will use Chamotte and other particles.


Week 2 will explore various methods and ways of working with the surface of the clay, as well as panelling with ceramic dye.


The last few days of the workshop is ought to be a kind of a long firing marathon. Our invited ceramic technician Senser Sari will share with us his knowledge about the alternative methods of firing which will be used as a means of the firing process in both wood-fired Kiln and Raku.


The workshop will be led by the ceramicist Irine Jibuti and the team members at her co-owned Ceramic Studio 1300. Invited ceramicists include German-based Nona Otarashvili-Becher and the Doctor of Ceramic Technology, Senser Sari.


The cost of the workshop is 700 euros and includes:

Transport Tbilisi-Omalo-Tbilisi;

Accommodation and three meals per day;

Clay and all necessary equipment and materials.


To take part, send us a letter to


We’re looking forward to your applications!