AqTushetii and Ceramic Studio 1300 present the 14-day-ceramic workshop from August 10 to August 24.


* The course will take place in the Aqtushetii residency in Omalo, Tusheti and will entail both theoretical and practical lessons.

* The course will be led by the ceramicists Irina Jibuti, Irakli Khantadze, and Ceramic Studio 1300 members.

* Within the theoretical lessons, all participants will get introduced to the history of ceramics, as well as its main technics (clay mining, clay processing, and dyeing).

* The practical lessons will be dedicated to creating a joint artwork (sculpture or object) with Irina Jibuti which will be fired in the kiln at our residency; The joint artwork will remain at the AqTushetii residency archive and will be later shown at the AqTushetii Festival towards the end of the season.

The other part of the workshop will focus on mastering the wheel throwing with Irakli Khantadze.

Meanwhile, the students will get exposed to the painting and dyeing technics, using the raw materials found in Tusheti.

The participants will have an opportunity to also make artworks with their design, llater to be fired in Raku kiln and wood fired kiln.


The course is open to both ceramic artists and enthusiasts


* The cost of the workshop is 500 Euro and includes:

Transport Tbilisi-Omalo-Tbilisi

Bed in a dormitory

Three meals per day


All participants will be provided with the material (clay, glaze, engobe, etc.) as well as the necessary equipment.




In case of any questions don't hesitate to contact us: or


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