Open call to apply for a residency at AqTushetii 2021

AqTushetii is an artist colony and festival that fosters the arts, culture, history, and traditions of Tusheti while bringing together creatives from around the world to collaborate, work, and share knowledge. Individuals working in all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Each summer, AqTushetii hosts residents from various backgrounds: visual and sound artists, musicians, dancers, philosophers, writers, anthropologists, scientists, and more. This year the building will welcome residents from July 1 to September 30 2021.

The following workshops/events will take place in 2021. The residents are also welcome to attend our annual workshops but may be subject to additional fees depending on the workshop and materials required. 

-B&W film photography workshop – July 30 - August 8

-Ceramic workshop – August 9-23 

-Experimental music workshop – August 30 - September 13

-AqTushetii annual music festival – September


Due to the pandemic, the final dates are still to be set, but will be announced ASAP.                                                                                        Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries about our residency and its programs.

Duration of residency

Please note that a minimum 10 day-stay is prioritized, although we recommend one month


Accommodation (in capsule dormitories)
Catering: a light breakfast and two large meals per day
Access to all facilities and spaces within the building, as well as its events, workshops, and lectures 

Each month all residents will also enjoy and partake in natural wine and cheese degustation, local food making, and weekly live music concerts/events.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance

People working in the following disciplines are encouraged to apply: visual and sound arts, music, philosophy, writing, anthropology, science, and more.

Studio / Workspace

Four art studio spaces, library, outdoor (undercover) working spaces, photographic dark room, pottery wheel, raku kiln, wood-fired kiln, outdoor stage, professional sound system, 2 projectors, gallery space, sound recording studio [inc. microphones, Genelec monitors, sound card, electric piano, acoustic drum kit, mixer, organ, Georgian folk instruments, various percussion], vinyl library of Georgian music, cassette dubbing deck, CDR burner, welding tools, woodworking tools, metal working tools, knitting machine, sewing machine, rug weaving looms.


July – 20 EUR per day
August – 20 EUR per day
September – 23 EUR per day
Transport from Tbilisi to Omalo and back to Tbilisi – 50 EUR
Please also note that artist collectives and couples get a slight discount – enquire within
Selected applicants will be required to pay the 30% deposit in advance

Expectations towards the artist

During their stay, each resident should make a presentation / exhibition / workshop on what they are researching/working on. A selection of artists and musicians will also have the opportunity to exhibit and perform live in our sister-spaces in Tbilisi. Artists are encouraged to contribute to the permanent collection/archive of the residency with their work if and where possible.

Application information

The applicants should send to the following information to
Their portfolio and/or link to their work;
A short description of what they are planning to do while in Omalo;
The dates they wish to stay at the residency.

Regulations for Crossing the Georgian Border in connection with the COVID-19 pandemic



***For funding opportunities please check folowing resources:

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