Transport for residents will be arranged by Aqtushetii team.

There is no public transport to Tusheti. To get to Omalo, you will need to hire a driver with 4WD. Aqtushetii can organize this for you either from Tbilisi or Kvemo Alvani village. 

If you decide to make your own way there: first get to Kvemo Alvani village - this can be done by marshrutka(minibus) or a taxi. Marshrutka departs from Ortachala bus station in Tbilisi at and two hours later arrives at Kvemo Alvani. Shared taxi departs from Isani metro station. Local drivers usually approach the tourists and offer them to arrange the transport to Tusheti. If your driver doesn't, you will need to ask around for a driver in Kvemo Alvani - it shouldn't be too hard. The trip usually takes 4 hours from Kvemo Alvani to Omalo.


On average, the transport from Tbilisi to Omalo costs 75 GEL 

Marshrutka from Ortachala to Kvemo Alvani – 10 GEL

Shared Taxi from Isani Metro station to Alvani – 15 – 25 GEL

Shared Taxi from Isani Metro station to Telavi (closest city to Kvemo Alvani) – 15 GEL 

4WD car from Kvemo Alvani to Omalo – 60 GEL 

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