Magnolia Film Lab summer residency & workshop in Tusheti Georgia


Last year Fotografia Tbilisi teamed up with AqTushetii to build a darkroom in one of Georgia's most remote regions.

This year we're doing it again and we're ready to invite all you aspiring and inspiring film photographers for a 10 day all-inclusive film photography residency, where you'll get a chance to develop your own film and make beautiful handmade prints during your stay. The workshop fee covers everything you need, transportation, lodging, and meals.

The residency begins with us picking you up in Tbilisi early in the morning August the 1st 2020. We'll drive straight to Omalo, Tusheti. After we arrive we'll get settled into our new surroundings before diving straight in.

Magnolia Film Lab (the sister-space of Fotografia Tbilisi) Founder Ryan McCarrel and Co-Owner and Director Gela Shekeladze are your sherpas. If you're a beginner in film photography, or could use a helpful reminder, we'll be sharing our knowledge of developing and printing in one on one and group sessions throughout the week. By the end you will have created stunning works of art to take home with you and learned everything you need in order to develop and print by yourself. The residency also includes an overnight stay in neighboring Shenako village. One the most beautiful villages in the region.

The last night of the residency is a group exhibit and campfire where we'll share our creations with each other, drink homemade Georgian wine and chacha, and reflect on our analog getaway.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us directly. We're here to help.

Total Residency Duration: 10 Days
Included: Lodging, Food, Transportation, several rolls of Ilford black and white film, chemicals for developing, paper for printing, overnight stay in Shenako, one on one workshops with master printer, Gela Shekeladze, and tutorials on black and white film photography by Ryan McCarrel.



Price: 480 EUR

Limited to 10 Particpants

COVID-19 Disclaimer: We realize that COVID has made international travel more difficult and are working with Georgian health officials to follow best practices. If for some reason COVID-19 prevents you from attending this year, do not worry, we will of course issue you a refund. Stay safe and healthy!





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