We are announcing another workshop on traditional Tushetian weaving and wool dyeing at the AqTushetii residency. The workshop on traditional crafts will run from 17-27 September. To register, please write to the following email 



A 10-day-long seminar will be led by the local Tushetian specialist and ethnographer, Nanuli Azikuri. The participants of the workshop will get introduced to the history of Tushetian weaving and learn the specific knitting tools and methods of the craft, such as wool processing, knitting, and dyeing. The workshop will also entail fieldwork and finding raw material which will be later used for dyeing the weavings.


The participants will get a chance to work on their creations but also contribute to a joint artwork, later to be kept at the Aqtushetii residency.

The total cost of the workshop is 550 Euros. The price includes transport Tbilisi-Omalo-Tbilisi, accommodation and three meals per day, as well as all materials and necessary equipment and tools. 

The workshop is free of entry for the local Tushetian population.

We are looking forward to your applications!